Logitech G920 Review

Complete Review and Guide to Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

Logitech G920 Shifter Review

Get the one of the best manual transmission Logitech G920 Shifter and start enjoying the real car driving experience.

There’s many shifters in the market but none of them can match Logitech G920 shifter. Logitech G920 Shifter is best for the games where you need severe instant steering controls like the games Dirt Rally, EuroTruck Simulator, WRC 18 and etc. You will see that you need to change the gears more often. Your fingers can find out the closet gear lever for shifting the gears up and down. This is a really easy way to shift the gears instead of using the other manual gear lever.

logitech g920 shifter

The Logitech G920 Shifter was released in June of 2015 by the Logitech as a separately sold unit of the G920 driving force feedback racing wheels. Logitech G920 Shifter is designed for manual transmission of H-Pattern for the Logitech G920 driving force wheel. It was launched in the summer 2015 as an addon for the Logitech G920 steering wheels.
  • Realistic manual gear shifting experience.
  • Built with solid stainless steel and stitched in high quality premium leather.
  • Six Speed H-pattern shifter with Push down reverse to prevent accidental reverse and smoother shifting.
  • Easy to mount on table with it’s pre-built clamping mechanism.
  • It’s compatible with Xbox, PC and PS4. Most of the racing games like Dirt Rally, EuroTruck Simulator, WRC 18 and etc are compatible to work properly with this shifter.
  • It weighs with cable is 1.66 lb (0.76 kg) only.

Logitech G920 Shifter Specifications

Logitech G920 Shifter is a six speed H-pattern shifter with a push in reverse. It’s a high performance addon for the Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel, made of stainless steel and wrapped in a premium stitched leather comes encased in a plastic box. It can be mounted easily on the gaming tables with it’s clamping mechanism. It is compatible with Xbox, PC and PS4 only. This shifter might now make a faster gaming like the paddle shifters but it’s not give a real car driving experience on the road.

Quality of the shifter seems to be really fine and nice in look. Logitech G920 shifter stick build with high quality stainless steel covered with premium leather that gives an ultimate elegant look. There’s one expect I have seen that this shifter doesn’t have D-pad or buttons on it.


Supported Consoles

It supports Xbox, PC and PS4 only.

NOTE: If you are looking the Driving Force Shifter for PS3. It won’t work.

You can download Logitech Gaming Software.

Supported Steering Wheels

It is fully compatible with Logitech G29 and Logitech G920 only.


2 year warranty


  • It works smoothly with the Logitech G920 Driving Force feedback wheels.
  • Fully compatible with Xbox, PC and PS4. Most of the racing games like Dirt Rally, EuroTruck Simulator, WRC 18 and etc are compatible to work properly with this shifter.
  • It can be easily hard mounted on the table.
  • Shifting throw is short and smooth, that makes it faster to shift.
  • Push in reverse saves from accidental reverse shifts.
  • Stitched with premium quality leather.
  • Price is not that high as compare to other shifters in the market.


  • Sold as an optional with Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel.
  • Shifter knob is fixed that you can’t change.
  • No sequential shifting mode

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Who Should Buy The Logitech Shifter

If you’re using the Logitech G920 or Logitech G29 steering wheels, then it can be a best fit for you, as this shifter is only compatible with these two steering wheels. It’s a best shifter for manual gear transmission and I prefer this over the other paddle shifter.


Logitech G920 Shifter is one of the best performing and affordable shifter for a more smoother and pleasurable driving experience. But it’s only compatible with Logitech G920 and G29 driving wheels. So, if you wanted to use this shifter you need to buy the Logitech G920 Driving Force too. You can easily buy one from Amazon retailers at a discounted price.

If you’re moving from Logitech G27 steering wheel, you don’t need to buy this shifter as G27 shifter works with G920.

Amazon has over 100 of gamer reviews about this awesome G920 shifter and I am totally surprised to see the rating over 4.5. I think it’s price gives the advantage over the other shifters in the market.

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